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Responsive webdesign

Responsive webdesign is the building of flexible and dynamic websites which adapt to different screen resolutions. The elements of a responsive website will be rearranged in order to obtain an optimal layout on all different devices (from desktops to smartphones).


  • No seperate mobile website, so less maintenance.
  • SEO-friendly; responsive websites are indexed easier and better.
  • Maximum usability, readability and minimal zooming and resizing..


Being able to change and update your web site without outside help and without programming knowledge. That's one of the big advantages of a CMS: a content management system. With the adoption of the Bootstrap framework, Joomla! has become the first major CMS to be mobile ready in both the visitors and administrator areas.

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As a Joomla! specialist Teqa developed her own way for building responsive sites: the template based plan. We work with multiple templates. This allows the site administrator to determine in a safe way for each page how the page should be displayed.


i-Reserve is a booking system to create online bookings. But there is so much more. The system can operate as a complete backoffice, like creating invoices and subscriptions. But also as a marketing tool to email all customers or to present gift certificates.

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